LM tweak - Place orders without a base

Recently there was some feedback about all the ridiculous sell X for $1 on a Local Market (LM) on one of the discords. Without pointing out which corporation was responsible (cough, FIO), it once again shows what a pain it is to trade in corp if both players don’t have a base on the same planet. Players are stuck either being online at the same time to prevent sniping (which can be difficult with players at work and across the world - I’ve personally frantically arranged LM orders when I was supposed to be elsewhere are work) or new players getting confused when people don’t fill a great deal on the LM.

Another thing we loose is the ability to create Yippy auctions. Now that resource taps are opening up, it would be a nice feature to post an offer on the LM for different resource taps (would probably require a WAR to post). It could be similar to when Yippy would post that he would be selling Y units of Z to the highest bidders, or just a collection of Katoan fuel refiners just bidding on the local H GGs (or even on the Umbra LM).

Of course, this would reduce the frantic push for LMs in the early game (so long as one player is required to have a base on planet, we would still see the rapid push for LMs), but I really think this would not only smooth out the player experience, but create a fun atmosphere with auctions.


Hah, what a coincidence :slight_smile: Counterpoint and I talked about it yesterday and liked the idea. We will have to present it to the team on Monday though :crossed_fingers: