LM and CX problems, New PPS Traders Enclave (TE)

As far as i know this is a known problem and hasnt been addressed or mentioned by any dev since a long time.

I am talking about the pending LM nightmares. Proxion LM is exploding currently, even with the New sorting Feature this will only continue to get worse.
I strongly recommend that some tweak or change gets introduced asap, as its going to be a massive pain in the ass and will only Affect New players negatively. Older players May have the endurance to go through this for the moment, but the Player count is lot bigger this universe. And we dont want to get 3x the Etherwind nightmares of last universe, dont we? :wink:

What do i propose as exact feature?

New Planetary Project: Traders Enclave

Buildcosts Level 1 around 600k, made from rfabs and afabs + some electronics and softwares.

Each Level allows the governor to select commodities for CX like Trade. Each player placing a commodity on the Traders Enclave (TE) pays a % fee similar to the FX fees to the Planetary government.
If the Planet is factionless its 0%, if its faction then smth like 0.25% of placed value.

Level 1: 1 commodity
Level 2: 3 commodities
Level 3: 5 commodities
… and so on…


  • reduces LM Tension for certain planetary products like consumables or raw ressources from that planet
  • increases planetary governor power
  • makes big planets more Player friendly
  • placing commodities could be put behind PRO, buying could be open for FREE licenses, therefore giving New players an incentive to buy PRO


  • CXs could decrease in importance
  • Currency Selection for no faction TEs could be Problematic
  • High Costs for TE only increases pressure on the “big 10” planets, which are just considerably better than other planets

Obviously I can’t speak for the devs, but I don’t think the LM was ever intended as a substitute for regular CX trading. So if there is “tension” on the LMs due to people trying to use it as a CX, well, maybe the solution is… stop doing that?

Also it seems confusing to newly joined free players if they can buy things on the Trader’s Enclave but in order to sell they have to fly to the CX. Especially given that it’s already easier to buy than to sell on the CX, since you can post buys without physically needing to be there. So you’re kind of making something that’s already easy a bit easier, and leaving the more difficult thing alone.

Also also, there’s already a problem with a lack of liquidity on the CX for certain products. So I’m generally against any proposal that would further reduce liquidity on the existing four CX’s.

Also also also, currently the main impetus to move up the tiers is in order to build additional ships. If we have lots of local CXs everywhere then that reduces the need for people to get those ships, since they can do most of their trading without leaving the planet. So that’s further counter to the devs’ likely goals.

In fact, if there is a problem with players treating the LM like a CX, then I’d be in favour of going in the opposite direction - add an additional component to the LM fee, proportional to the value of the listing, to make it less competitive in comparison to the CXs. That would then help revert the LM to its intended purpose, as a local bulletin board for occasional deals, rather than as a means to bypass the CX.

Definitely not, at least not before possibility of private player-to-player trades.