Liquidation contract recovery - roll back as best possible

In the event that a company does a COLIQ with closed but uncompleted contracts, those contracts should be rollad back to the best of the ability of the system.

Shipping contract: The SHPTs should changed to delivery contracts back to their original owner

Buy and Sell: Funds and inventory for undelivered goods and should be returned to the originator.

Loans: All liquid assets should be used to repay those loans

Of these, shipping contracts is probably the most impactful since those may be goods worth significant portions of player’s worth or daily revenue in a SHPT and the destruction of those goods rather than returning them via delivery contract can be very disheartening.

For things in the 10k to 50k range, this is frustrating for a player. Recoverable, but frustrating (I am aware of an issue with a few hundred oxygen being shipped and this happening which would likely represent several days revenue for the base). With politics update, there are contracts that are worth hundreds of thousands that are going to be offered and a nefarious COLIQ can have signficant impacts to not just one player, but hundreds of players on starter worlds.