Lets use forum tags!

Thanks @Bobemor for putting me forward for this, its been a while coming :smiley:

I’ve created a few tags for use here on the forums.

I’ve also gone ahead and tagged a few posts that were unlucky enough to be sitting at the top of the thread pile.

Some tags may only be added when a “parent” tag is already present. For instance, this post has both “community” and “forums” tags. The “forums” tag may only be added to a post when “community” is present.

Here are the tags which are presently in place:

Bug Reporting

Use these tags if your post is reporting a bug

  • bug-report
    • client-bug
    • server-bug
    • ui-bug


Use these tags if you are discussion already present features, or feature requests

  • features
    • feature-change
    • feature-discussion
    • feature-request

Community Tags

Use these tags for discussion about our community

  • community
    • forums

Help Requests

Use these tags if you are looking for help

  • help-request
    • colony-help
    • popi-help
    • production-help
    • ship-help


Use these tags if you are posting a governorship related thing.

  • governorship
    • discourse-gvn
    • financials-gvn
    • news-gvn
    • realpolitik

Its definitely not complete, and it likely needs a lot of refinement - but that is where you guys come in.

So please, help a poor prdgi out and bring your suggestions here!

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What do you mean with unlucky?

Maybe it’s a local colloquialism.

Its a self-deprecating, tongue in cheek acknowledgement of the edits I made. The threads to which I applied tags were at the top of the list, and thus were “unlucky” enough to garner my attention.

Great idea! Thanks for starting this prdgi!

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