Let players restart with pending faction and starter contracts

From earlier today (italics is a new player - less than a week since the account was created who started on a metallurgist on a non-metal resource planet, free license)

so just restart and make a new account?

COLIQ in a buffer

You can do a ‘COLIQ’ - Company Liquidation

It’ll wipe your current company and reset you to the start

It will start you over… and being on a planet that has resources and CoGC that align with your profession will be much easier to start.

okay thanks guys
wait is says I cant do it because I have pending contracts

Suggestion: A FREE license account should be able to COLIQ at any time. Pending faction and starter contracts shouldn’t prevent a new player from starting rather than having to wait for “need to ship this package to the CX before I can wipe it all away.”

If I am not mistaken the “you have pending contracts” is just a note to indicate that coliqing now might make some other players grumpy, because their contracts are breached.


Can you please ask the new player if they might have forgot to click the “click here to confirm…” checkbox?

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Next time I see him, I’ll help work him through that. The way it was phrased in chat it seemed like is a “you can’t until you do…” restriction.