Leaderboard and Records

With no official leaderboard or record listing and the current universe about to reset, here is your opportunity to post your record or cool ingame stats for the world to see.
Be creative and have fun.

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I’ll kick it off with most experts on one planet


I think @Madnewmy has the most colonies.

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I was the first player to contribute alone for a CoGC (on Belzers) without beeing affiliate in a cooperation then, which was my personal goal during First Access…

One of the few shipbuilders around ingame ( I guess )


2nd FTL capable ship built on the server after not playing for almost a year :smiley:

Most external spreadsheet workbooks created for the game? I’m standing at 51 and counting currently.

Oldest scientists

I just looked it up, 48 base planners since ignitions, 171 from before :slight_smile: Have another 7 of consus sheet too apparently

at 69 so I guess?

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