Katoa Governorship Update Thread - Pi Style

Hello! I’m PiBoy314, the presumptive next governor of Katoa. Following in the footsteps of Tex and Prdgi, I plan to be transparent in my governing by posting regular updates on the state of Katoa here and soliciting feedback here and in-game.

One of the biggest decisions I will have to make is what to do with the Population Infrastructure. We currently have 5 safety stations, 4 infirmaries, 1 wellness center, and 1 wildlife park. We also have a substantial excess of pioneers and settlers which has been shrinking under Tex’s no POPI strategy. I believe continuing to cull the pioneers and settlers is a vital part of Katoa’s future, so I will be holding safety low to maximize that loss.

With Ignition on the horizon, I want to make Katoa once again home to higher tier populations. With the changes made by the developers in the recent population update, I believe it’s possible with a targeted approach. For the first week I will be turning on 2 INF and 1 PAR to boost the health and comfort of the population. Hopefully this boost will speed up the slow growth of technicians we saw last week. With an estimated tax income of 260,000 CIS per week as gleaned from Tex’s previous reports, the COGC and POPI come in just over budget, with me making up the difference through donations. This means that for the first week, taxes will not change. More detailed financial information will follow during my term.

In future, depending on the effect this change has to the population, building another PAR, opening more INF or SST, or possible building a PHB are possible either using the reserve budget, raising taxes, or soliciting donations. Comfort is capped by safety, so a high enough comfort level provided by the PAR would require SST’s to boost safety and uncap the comfort. I look forward to discussing this more on the forums, in-game, and on the discord.

To conclude with some logistics, before the end of the election, I will transfer into Tex’s governance corp (KGI) which will allow residual taxes to be collected.

Safe Travels!


Alright, we are one week in to my term as governor. These updates will happen fortnightly from now on. The biggest issue this week, as it will be most weeks, is population. The release of Ignition further emphasized the need for high tier population on Katoa. The POPI did not run this past week, but is consuming materials this week. Currently, we have 3 INF and 1 PAR turned on, which should provide happiness for the TECs to help them grow.
In other news, the Katoa governorship has received a massive donation from yaro111 in the form of SF. These funds will be put towards building and funding high tier POPI. With this donation we are planning on building a UNI to boost EDU and population shift, an ACA to boost comfort and culture for the engineers, and another PAR to boost comfort. While yaro’s donation and other donations I’ve received and contributed these past two weeks will pay for a substantial amount of this infrastructure, I will be raising taxes on production to double what they were to earn an estimated extra 100k per week.

I’ve received 2 financial statements in my term, here is the breakdown of expense and revenue:

The upkeep for POPI is lower than it will be usually both because it didn’t run for last week and because Tex used the remaining funds after his term to fill up the buffers on POPI.

If you can produce parts to build the UNI (A-fabs, LU, LOG, BMF) please contact me in game or on the Discord and we can work out a price. If you can supply BID, HD, or IDC for UNI upkeep, there will be demand for those products on Katoa in the near future, let’s work out a price for those that’s profitable for you and that helps Katoa prosper.

Safe Travels!

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You do know that Safty and Health cap Comfort, Culture and Education?


So if you dont keep them high, it makes no sense to feed the higher needs.

This got changed didn’t it.

I believe it’s still that way. I don’t think population shift via education is capped by health or safety though. Which is why UNI is the first goal, then the culture building. So yes, SSTs will have to be turned on at some point, but after UNI is up and PIO population is down.

Alright, two more weeks have passed and POPI is really up and running. For the past two weeks we’ve had 1 PAR and 3 INF turned on. Starting this week we will turn on all 5 SST to boost safety. Right now, comfort is maxed out by safety, so raising safety (even if it means slower PIO die off) raises comfort and TEC happiness.

Here’s the financial statement for the past two weeks:

Now that almost everything put into POPI by Tex has been expended, this is near the full cost of POPI and the COGC for 3 INF and 1 PAR. The SSTs will increase the cost more, although with the OFF coming from donations, 5 won’t cost Katoa too much. More was spent this week from taxes than what was collected in taxes, but with the new higher tax rates (as well as more income from the upgraded WAR), tax revenue should be around 350k per week, enough to barely pay for all the POPI after the current donations.

The WAR has been upgraded to level 3, allowing for more units to be rented and for 2 units to be rented per company. I don’t think we’re going to fill all the units any time soon, but if someone wants more than 2 units, contact me and we can discuss about upgrading the WAR further.

Now the big project, the UNI. A-fab production is in the queue for the University, although more companies producing them will complete the project faster. If you have the capability, please contact me and we can discuss pricing for those A-fabs. The supply of BMF for the building and the LOG has also been secured. The software components such as LD, SAL, and DA have not been secured, however, so I ask anyone with an SD or SE building to contact me to work out pricing for those items.

And finally, it’s election season again and I am currently running unopposed. Thank you for your show of support, and I hope you’ll continue to support me as your governor. Please contact me in this thread, in game, or on the Discord about any concerns you have with my policies or any suggestions you have.

Safe Travels!

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I’m glad someone is pushing on education. It is giving us significant growth in Techs (compared to current pop) and a little in the Eng too. The UNI boost will be interesting to see, and all-round an important experiment.

Looking forward to seeing how much comfort we will get with the SST turned on because Tech happiness is just slightly shy of 50% at 8.9% comfort (with nearly 800 open jobs). It is possible though that the spending on comfort to date has been wasted due to being capped by safety; would like to see more consideration on this in the future.

Okay, some quick updates. My corporation, Yellow Fin Inc., has opened a discord server to help coordinate players on and east of Katoa. If you want to ship in that area or have shipments that need to be moved, you can post it there and I’m sure someone will be there to take it. Here’s the invite link: https://discord.gg/5eJDz33W5Q

The Katoa COGC switched over to Pioneers for this period. I want to stress why I think it’s important it stays on manufacturing. The more specialized COGC programs allow a planet to gain a larger competitive advantage. Promitor is the place for Agriculture, and Gibson is the place for Construction. Katoa is the best of the 3 CX planets for Fuel Refining, but is surpassed by smaller planets. To gain a real competitive advantage, Katoa needs to specialize in manufacturing to draw industries. If Katoa doesn’t supply the Manufacturing COGC, another planet who is 15% more efficient will draw all the high tier manufacturing. Why not produce the same product in less time? All this becomes doubly important with high tier manufacturing required for ship parts. As our TEC and ENG populations continue to grow with a UNI and SCI on the horizon, high end manufacturing will have a leg up on the competition if and only if we have a manufacturing COGC.

The finances were pretty much what was expected this time. We spent a little more than we earned in taxes, but without the cost of putting up the UNI, we would have broken even, meaning I’m spending the UNI donations I’ve received in previous weeks. No POPI or tax changes are planned for next week. I had experimented with not providing the most expensive element of the PAR, DEC, which I normally donate. It didn’t seem to make a difference, with 100% fulfillment. Comfort did however drop, so I donated DEC to ensure next week will be at 100% fulfillment as well with increasing comfort.

Finally, the UNI is well under way, with the LOG, BMF, ATA, and ASE in my inventory. The remaining factors then are ADE, ABH and LU. For the LU we need someone who has an SE to produce DA. Please contact me if you have the capability to. The UNI will help grow the SCI population, but also accelerate the shift to TEC and ENG.
Please contact me here, in game, or in the Yellow Fin discord with questions or concerns.

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Some quick updates for this week. Since the Katoa COGC has switched to Pioneers again, I’ve raised taxes on all industries to compensate for the gain in productivity.

Our current POPI will continue operating as it has for the past few weeks. We’ve been gaining around 100 TEC per week and around 20 ENG per week, a good pace. The UNI is nearing completion. We are targeting to have it complete before the February 7th report. To help increase the chances we’ll make it, I would like to buy one SA and one SAL to help in making the last of the DA for the LU. Once the UNI is up and running, I will not be supplying it with many consumables unless we both have enough ENG to grow SCI and open SCI jobs. It appears that the population shift benefits happen at the same rate regardless of upkeep level. With the UNI, I would expect over 30 ENG per week.

We raised more in taxes than we spent in the last two weeks. Expenses for the next two weeks will be higher as we will have 2 COGC periods and UNI expenses.

Thank you for your continued support in the election, probably one of the last in this universe.

Safe Travels!

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Raising more than you spend? What kind of witchcraft is this?

I wouldn’t be surprised if next week’s spending is in excess of a million. But we’ll see how prices and expenses shuffle out.

Looking forward to seeing the effect of the UNI come into play.

Ok, some major changes happened this week and it’s been a chaotic week for the finances.

The UNI is finally up and running! It’s population shift effects took place this population report (it’s different from how happiness works) and should continue at their maximum regardless of upkeep status. With it, we’ve gained over 100 TECs again and 30 ENG. To keep up this growth we are investing in a HOS and ART. The HOS was already mostly complete and we’re expecting to finish it late this week or early next week. The ART is being mostly donated by kapusta and will be complete in the same time frame. If you have PSL that you could sell to Katoa, it would help speed up the projects greatly.

Ok, this week was a really weird one for finances. We collected a moderate amount of tax, along with a lot from Taco’s auction which will fill Katoa’s pocketbooks for the remainder of the universe. As for expenditures, the majority of the 4.4 million in expenses came from donations to put up the UNI, ART, and HOS. The term “Tax Expense” is also misleading, as it just indicates funds that were spent directly by Katoa, such as those given in cash donations. I would expect expenses to stay high over the next two weeks as the HOS and ART get built, but with the influx of cash we’re in the clear financially.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Safe Travels!

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What does POPI stands for? pop index?

Population Infrastructure, and POPR is population report.

For the final time, on the eve of the apocalypse, I’ll provide an update on Katoa, some stats, and release the financial records for my time in office.
This week, I finished putting up a HOS and Kapusta and Yellow Fin finished putting up a PBH and LIB, and will soon finish off an SDP. Not that these are super useful with the reset coming, but awesome nonetheless. We had the highest ENG growth this week we’ve ever had, marking the end to a great run for Katoa.

As to be expected, the finances are wacky because I made financial decisions knowing there was only a week left. What’s more interesting, are the stats for the finances during my time in office.

Thank you to all of the donors. Katoa couldn’t have succeeded without you. With donations making up 75% of the money spent, it would have be nearly impossible to expand without their generous support.

And here’s the donations broken down by source. You can see I always bought the COGC using Katoa’s bank, but provided a lot of the upkeep myself. And of course you can see the infrastructure that Kapusta helped put up. All of the financial transactions going back to December have been recorded here, along with the enclosed charts and more tables: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K_Ea-L2x4_fkTU2l0juw0Ukb9jD1KVhzOo99YRcXLgw/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you for a great few terms as governor. The end is near, brace for apocalypse!