Join the alpha test, sign-up here!


Please sign me up! I’m a huge fan of airlinesim.


I’d like in to the alpha as well!


I would love to join aswell! :heart_eyes:


I’d like to join the game!!!


I could like to join.


我也想加入遊戲 可以PM給我嗎? 謝謝摟~
I also want to join the game Can PM give me it? Thank you ~


I hope I’m not too late to join the fun. Can you sign me up please?


is still possible to join your Alpha tester team ?
i’d love to join.


i would love to join the next test


I would like to join if still possible :slight_smile:


I would like to join too ^^


Hey, I saw your game at the quo vadis 2018 and I realy want to join the game.


Hi Molp,

if it isn’t too late I’d like to join the alpha test.