Join the alpha test, sign-up here!


i loved thelook and feel youve created… pls include me in the alpha aswell !



would love to join it also to help break it!!


i would like to help out and grow this game.


i would like to see if you are still taking sign ups?


Hi there. I would like to join the fun :slight_smile:


I would love to jump in on the alpha test if you still are adding more people…?


Super interested to be part od the Alpha team :smiley:, still taking sign ups?


I’d really like to join the alpha. :slight_smile:


Hello, I would like to join the alpha :slight_smile:


Hi everybody. I would also like to join the alpha test.


This game sounds extremely interesting. I used to play EVE and loved airline sim as well. Next time there is a chance to join an Alpha test I’m in!


I would like to join the alpha test. It sounds rather interesting.


I would like to take part in next Alpha test.


is it to late to sign up for the Alpha test? I have heard good things about this on reddit


Hi i wöd love to be a part of it … hope its not too late to try it out


Hello there - I would love to join the alpha. I also play Airlinesim :slight_smile:


Hello ! I’m also interested to join alpha if it’s not too late !


damn I’d like to join.


I am interested in joining the Alpha or any follow up testing / release. Thank you!


I would also like to join the Alpha, from what I’ve read on the game, it seems fun.