It wont let me play the game

I cant create my company every time I press create then the only thing that happends is that I see illegal arguments and I have tried very often to do so but it always just shows me the same thing (red banner with illegal arguments). I have done everything i chose what kind of company, the plant, name of company and code, and agreed to disclaimers but still nothing just the same illegal argument over and over again

What company name and code?

I tired many name and codes so I dont think that it always when i go to select plant there comes up about if there are spots to build a base or about commodity exchange always when I go to the planet or starting location then there comes a small red line on top and bottom where the text is about spots or commodity exchange. so I dont know may be that and yes sorry if my english is a bit bad not my native tounge.

Hey @Siggzilla, sorry to hear that you cannot create a company. The servers have been a bit unstable in the last two days, due to a massive player influx. Would you mind trying it again (best in a incognito browser tab). If it doesn’t work please contact me with a private message and we’ll look into it in detail.

ive had the same problem bro at least tried 10 times alr with different names ima wait a couple days in case its a problem with the servers

I helped someone recently with this and it turned out to be that they were using spaces or other illegal characters in the name, or that it was too long. It could indeed still be a server issue, but these might be other things to keep in mind if you want to try again.

They are currently restarting the servers for account-related issues. You may be able to try again in 1-2 hours.