It was nice, while it lasted

It has been fun, I had great times.
Figuring out mechanics, building up a corporation, establishing friendships and tradenetworks, but it has come to an end.

Even though i enjoyed PrUn for a long time, lately it had been harder and harder to justify paying Premium for the price and returns. Without for a while, made this issue even more apparent.
Premium has alot of stop gaps, which make playing without it impossible. Basically making cooperating with other players impossible and that you are barred from most mechanics, which are key to cooperating or contributing to the game, like governance.
I also understand that the game has to pay for itself, but that doesnt change the massive fall off in fun. When you reached a certain point, alot of mechanics develop into a complete grind, which makes managing the account, even with Premium a nightmare.
I can not invest 30-90min per day, just shifting inventories, setting up 50+ LM orders and so on. The obvious lack of Quality of Life Improvements, which were proposed many times, do play into this sluggish endgame. If one can even call it endgame.

The recent Atlas Release also showed me, that the Devs do not value their community, changes were obliberating efforts over months, to now be replaced with a stupid mechanic, looking at you immigration programs.
Without a clear announced reset, i do not follow into the “lets test these mechanic and shipbuilding”. It feels more like a “we do not want to balance POPI properly, therefore we just sidetrack it due to lack of ideas or time”.
Problems with POPI have been stated alot, ideas have been proposed. Problems with ships have been already adressed, when scientists were far away. The “lets test the mechanics” argument is just intentionally redirecting attention away from the underlying issues.

But enough of the rant. I had fun while it lasted, its gone now and cant get back into it. Too many bugs and mechanics do annoy me, as there is no intent to fix or listen to the community. I already know, some will call me selfish, but thats fine with me.
I dont expect everyone to agree with me nor do I say to follow my example.

As i like the overall concepts of the game, i will stay around to be in touch with the community. Also to see what happens to my corporation and help them along, if need be.
Some of you I might meet again soon, as there will be some reveals about what I/we have been working on in the last months.


Yeah, it feels like recent updates to mm and immigration are a dumbing down of the game. Replacing strategy with clicks to try and keep people interested. They’ve put all their eggs in the Steam basket, which I assume will be preceded by a wipe. Will be interesting.

I agree with you in 90%, but the game is still playable without PRO and only putting in 15-30 min a day. You just gotta adjust expectations and goals. Ive been basic the whole time and still can have fun engaging with the community.

This last update still screwed me over hard and pissed me off, but I think I’m gonna stick with it for a bit.

But yeah I don’t see this game headed in a great direction still fun, mainly for the community.

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Yeah, it’s pretty much the same for me. Once you reach the point where you get to manage multiple bases it gets more and more of a chore to keep all of them running due to the lack of quality of life features to automate the dozens, nay hundreds of clicks one has to make every day – just to do literally the same thing I did yesterday. And the day before. Over and over.

As an example, even now that I just keep pumping H for Moria until my remaining days of PRO finally run out, for just one base, I pretty much have to make 50+ clicks per day just to create all the shipping ads and later open each contract individually to press their pay button! And those things add up if I don’t log in for a week or more.

The fact that there’s still no sign of any way to create recurring or long-term LM contracts after all this time is a bummer, as I’m pretty sure the lack of these will keep burning out more and more players once they grow their empire, even though they are super invested into the game and technically wouldn’t stop if it was less of a chore.

Regarding the latest update, I guess the new map is nice. But according to all the development updates, it seems that’s where most of the development resources went over the past half year. People already built tools to work around the old map’s shortcomings, and imho these tools are still superior to the map we have now, so… was that really needed? Maybe the development focus overall isn’t the best right now? :thinking:

While I’m at it, the next biggest issue for me where building repairs - keeping track of the condition of 10+ bases is a mess, and I’d guess a lot of new players are also walking into a trap with repairs as it’s fairly unintuitive that the productivity falloff isn’t linear, causing them to feel save if they see that it’s just at 99% after their first two weeks. Then comes the lack of CXOB filters when branching out into multiple industries / products. The list goes on and on, but I don’t wanna hijack this thread too much and already said plenty things at other places that have never been addressed. :yum:

Depends on what you want to do, some people want to play cooperatively, and that’s pretty annoying to do if only one person of the deal has PRO – as is running a base for maximum profits, focusing on just one industry for the expert bonus… which is usually needed for quality cooperative play. Good luck focusing a whole planet on RIG or COLs, or just one industry. Those 5-7 Queue slots are a joke if you have 20+ buildings of the same type. :upside_down_face:


Hence me saying “You just gotta adjust expectations and goals” :slight_smile: It’s definitely not the same game without PRO for sure, but it’s doable.

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A bit late to the party but nonetheless, I agree with the whole thing but mostly the disregard of quality of life updates.

They refuse to add any sort of automation. Even basic ship automation would’ve made it easier the base I first used collapsed in my attempt to make it half self sufficient.

The only real fun way to play it (unless you have 100 of thousands) is to be a farmer as you only really need to expand but even that gets boring as it is usually just a waiting game.

Your comments about the map hit home quite hard.

There were way more important things that could have been done instead.

I think that this is a very narrow view. Automation doesn’t necessarily make the game better. Managing logistics is basically 90% of the gameplay of this game, if you can’t do it manually for a single base then you are doing something wrong and need to re-evaluate your approach. This isn’t an idle/clicker game where your base just runs itself without user input. If we automate away the logistics of the game then there is basically no gameplay left here and no point to playing.

This is such a ridiculous statement that I don’t even know how to respond to it. This is a sandbox game, many people find many different ways to have fun. If the only way that you can have fun is by building farms, nobody is going to tell you to play differently, but this is not the experience of most people playing this game. Overall it sounds like you may be looking for something simpler and less complex than PrUn, which is okay - those games exist already! PrUn is just never going to be the game that you want it to be.

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I’m not saying you can’t still play/have fun I still play the game after 3 restarts and being broke most of the time, but so many people are leaving the game atleast from what I’ve seen being on the GTU server. The quality of life addings that I and the original poster have talked about, are things that the developers might want to consider before putting the game on steam. As the original poster states that they hope for a large addition of players and so many people stop playing this game within a month.

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They have confirmed no wipe before Steam