Issue with discount code (You have already redeemed this code)

Hi, Dont know if someone from support can help me, im trying to use the code SPRING24 to buy 3 months, but after test if the code works now it says i already used it and dont apply the discount anymore (i didnt finish the order on the first time) and now i get this message “You have already redeemed this code.”

Hope anyone from support can help and reset it for me!, thanks!

Had this last year…
Probably you need to ping the team directly.
They helped me out.

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Sure! do you know how to contact them directly? discord? or any way via webpage or mail? thanks for the help!

I’ll send you a private message with further instructions.

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Great thanks! :blush:

Thanks! the team already fixed the issue for me! now im PRO! :flying_saucer:

I check 3 mounth price with SPRING24 code. After that I see “You have already redeemed this code.” even though I haven’t purchased anything yet.

I’ll send you a private message to resolve this.