Is Danakill the cheapest planet to make BFABs from?

I’m wondering why there are open slots in Danakill. Shouldn’t it become the universe’s production planet for bfabs?

Easy, it’s not inside the CX system. So new players assume it’s worse as a result than Montem or Vallis on the grounds of that alone. The reality is it’s actually the closest and cheapest starter planet to fly to in the Moria region. New players just have no way to know that.

Danakil doesn’t have metals or limestone, so it looks like a terrible planet to try to make BFABs on. It doesn’t have high fertility or any other particularly useful resources either.

I think new players are making the right call here. Or have I missed something?

There’s material in Montem/Vallis.

Any Prosperous Universe production plan that begins with “I’ll transport iron” is in for a nasty surprise. :yum:


That’s true haha. Hmm. I still think it could be cheaper though if you were able to do everything in house? This isn’t for new players question.

Lots of things are cheaper if you have unlimited shipping capacity to support it like new players do, at first.

And in this case, for Danakil, sure it may be cheaper to run construction on a per unit basis… until you start doing the cost it takes to ship in the FE\FEO and LST to make the things. They are not cheap to move, even if it’s exceptionally cheap to fly to\from.

At the end of the day, this does not scale up, and eventually you need that shipping capacity for your other bases. You’d be overall losing more money using your shipping capacity to gain an extra 5% margin than you would be being able to deploy an entirely new base which makes 20-30k\day.

Shipping capacity\throughput is another resource which must be thought of and balanced. It has a cost, and that cost isn’t only just fuel & ship repairs.

They broke their backs
Lifting the planet’s riches
Up to heaven

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