Inspiration for (PU) space ships

Hi everyone!

Quite a while ago I stumbled upon a Twitter hashtag named #1SpaceshipADay where a user posted more or less regularly images of spaceships. I really enjoyed these posts since I think they are a great source of inspiration. Unfortunately the user who started the whole thing stopped posting images and so I tried to keep the tradition alive by sometimes posting under the hashtag myself.

Anyways, some of these images certainly influenced us in how we imagine space ships in Prosperous Universe. We are currently aiming for a modular space ship systems where players can build their own ships from various components.

I especially liked these images

If you have a few inspirational space ships to share, feel free to do so :slight_smile:


I have collected quite a few of my favorites here:

But one of the more interesting ones is probably this:


Not really a space ship and probably not the best of the best in terms of art skills, but nonetheless inspiring to me personally for two reason:

  1. It shows actual, commercial freight containers on another planet, so a very plausible connection between today and a quite likely future in space, imo.
  2. One of my first jobs (internship, really) was with Kühne+Nagel :wink:
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I grabbed this off of F Yeah Space Ship one time and the art you guys are showing reminds me of it…I really like the asteroid scene on your Homepage.

I’m sorry, I do not know the source and will take it down if anyone objects.


I love it! Just saved it in my personal space ships inspiration folder!

On first sight the tumblr you linked looks interesting as well. Will keep an eye on it!

I skimmed the web and will share the pics, which appeared most appealing to me and look like hard SF, not all, but most of them.

Let’s start with spaceships:




some Lego

and some ground based stuff



@Prosac wow! Thanks a lot for sharing the pictures! They look great and most of them look like they could fit quite well in prosperous universe!

Well, i found some more stuff


some concept

and i have to share these sick looking concepts of imperial ships

Vigil-class corvette

Indictor-class electronic warfare corvette

Aiwha-class corvette

Altor-class Replenishment ship

and some fun