Increase effectiveness of HOP Recipes!

I’m talking about the SOI for use in HOP. Currently it makes no sense to use SOI in HOP. SOI is 4.5x more heavier, 5x more volume, and many less options for extraction of the materials needed on non dangerous planets. A 12.5% in time does not increase the profit/d that much I think? . Maybe this would matter if SOI was flying off the walls like hotcakes but it isnt. Cause you would have a compounding effect with how many you had producing HOP If I’m correct ?In the recipe, it equates 1 SOI is equal to 5 H2O. That is simply not the case. Because SOI requires to bring two heavy materials together and must be processed. I believe we should increase the HOP production to 30 for the SOI recipe. I feel like this should be the same for GRA and PIB as well. Or have recipes where SOI and PFE come together to create the 30 per recipe production.
Thank you

Well, one could also increase the avaibility of BRM instead. Or a bit of both.

Yeah that could work. I didn’t know they change planets info like that. I thought it would be something untouched. Keep the system/planet info consistent for use in decision making for later game models, but idk. I could see them changing system/planet info every reset. Have they ever changed it during a universe?

I’d just like to mention that profit margins/profit per unit and all that is meaningless. The core metric in PU is profit/time. This is why you cannot simply say “1 SOI = 5 H2O”.

Not saying your conclusion is wrong or right. But the method you used is arguably flawed. Thought it’s worth bringing up.

Appreciate it. I am new so I’m learning. Profit/Time…From the less consumables right? Okay I understand. I don’t remember thinking about the increase profit or reduced expenses a day but my thoughts would be this. The additional profit would be compounded by the amount of buildings producing HOP right? HOP isn’t very high volume, so I’d figure a decrease in 12.5% time isn’t appropriate. It is but I don’t think we’re in that point of the game yet. And in the point we’re in now there isn’t much good incentive to produce SOI/PFE. But I’m using prices I’ve contracted out for SOI/PFE which are fairly low. I don’t have much information on the capabilities of governments and their taxes and understanding how much % of their taxes are going into upkeep and etc. More information like that. So If governors do have the ability to pay more for SOI/PFE, then my whole argument is flawed. But I read the other post by Gladi and it seems like it’s hard for them. Are taxes super high already? Or are they just really strict on raising theml.