Inconsistent mismatch between CXO and FIN history

When purchasing multiple items at a price that is higher than the lowest ask price, the financial report seems to indicate that the price paid is higher.

The two items purchased should be 18×355 + 32×357 for a total of 17,814 NCC. The entry matching in the financial report is for 17850 (18×357 + 32×357).

In trying to reproduce this, I bought some FF…

Which then showed the expected sequence of deposit, purchase, and refund. The older order is still showing just the deposit even after a refresh (no purchase or refund).

Longer FIN report including both of the above transactions


The deposit of cash you place down is for the full price of your limit order, before it gets matched against any other trades. The orderbook is not considered at all when the deposit is placed. You must have the full funds to place an order, even if it will fill at a cheaper price. I have too much cash for this to work, but if you try this the system will reject your order, even if when it’s actually executed you DO have enough money.

Notice how after the order executes, my cash balance raises slightly. That’s the remainder being refunded to my account.

My account balance goes from 501,790 to 502,090. A difference of 300NCC, which given this situation, is the result of 30 units overpaid by 10NCC\ea.

This 300ncc difference exists somewhere in the “materials purchased vs. refund of deposit” ledger lines. One is for 18,750, one is for 19,050. Could it be delineated as it’s own item? I guess but it’s not that important.

Funnily enough it has its own item. But only until you refresh, then it goes poof.
before refresh

after refresh

There is not. There is not a +20NCC credit for “excess deposit return” due to prices being cheaper than your limit order. In your example that’s what it being its own line item would look like.

There is a +20 NCC credit, though, effectively (before you refresh the game).

-1600 NCC - 1580 NCC + 1600 NCC = -1580 NCC. That’s the effective +20 NCC credit. After a refresh it only shows -1600 NCC.

So FIN is showing everything correctly until you refresh the page. All that’s needed is to fix the bug that these entries get removed on refresh.