Improvement ideas

I just copied the stuff from the global chat because I’m to lazy to rewrite it for a forum post. All those are just quickly thought of ideas, and might not be pareto improvements.

Any DEVs in chat? Where to submit improvement ideas? I would like a quick buy / sell button both in the CXL as well as LMs to sell at the current ask price / the named price in the LM; Maybe a quick way to select the the most populated planet in the system (i.e. promitor) from the map (just an additional symbol next to the three already existing); Maybe remove the “essential” tab in the workforce frame as the needs are already color coded; Maybe add a trade button to the “MAT ticker” windows to quickly get to the “CXP ticker.cxl” frames; Maybe add an option to make the left sidebar smaller to just show the PRUN logo or something so that people not usuing the hot bar can hide that bar aswell, maybe with a keyboard shortcut or a dynamically hiding bar (like the windows taskbar option); in the production frame: The queue has to stay in line for obvious reasons, but everything that is currently “cooking” doesn’t necessarily have to be lined up, so you could bundle them side by side or something to fill out the frame window if it is configured as a landscape frame

Yeah. I figured a keyboard shortcut would be tricky to make, an option to make the whole bar a bit slimmer would be nice

and sure, the MAT → CXP requires four buttons, but as the MAT frame is so full of stuff anyways, it wouldn’t hurt to just add in a line named “CXP” below the ticker row and add four little buttons on the left named IC1, NC1, CI1, AI1 to get to that frame