Improve Population Infrastructure

Hey everyone and specifically @Counterpoint

After running Fo-705C and FO-452B for some time now and dealing with POPI I would like to provide some feedback specifically on the available infrastructure.

With the recent surge of new players more and more are asking what POPI is and why they should care.
Granted we have a developed and old universe that they don’t really need to worry about it so they never get in touch with this mechanic.

I would like to make some suggestions that might deepen this mechanic as well as create more demand for the new materials specifically introduced for it.

Let me start with the current state.
Life Support fulfillment either depends on the planet or the amount of CM + Habitations in each base.
The remaining needs depend on planetary projects.
To me this seems strange. One need depends on a building in each player’s base, while the other needs depend on a public building.
But I like it and actually propose that this split should be done further.
Move Infirmary and Safety Station into the CM - it already provides some Safety and Health after all - and allow each player to upgrade and supply it. With this each CM can contribute more than the fixed Safety and Health.

On the other side, add a public Infrastructure that increases life support and actually gives the unemployed some housing. Like a Boarding House.
The required building and upkeep materials should be in the middle class and fitting.
My idea:
Construction: L-Fabs and R-Fabs (maybe) with a Prefab Unit from the UPF as well as TRU and DEC, maybe SP.
Upkeep: 10 days: DEC, Prefab Unit from UPF, POW or SP - 3 days: OVE, RAT, DW

for the skimmers
tl;dr version: Move Infirmary and Safety Station into CM and allow each player to upgrade it, this raises the Health and Safety Value each base contributes to population need.
Add new infrastructure “Boarding House” that raises Life Support

I guess to me (and the devs might be able to give a better view) the idea with populous was to make a planet more cohesive. POPI forces a planet (well, tries to) to work together to make a planet tick. Moving the stuff back to a base kills that group initiative

If you create resources that must be stolen from each other you create tension in a game.

This is about the infrastructure and not the workforce mechanic behind it. please don’t derail the topic.
Thank you.

Then why do the Habitation units of each single base contribute to the Life Support Fullfillment?

It is already a mixed system. I propose to mix it further at the “low tiers” and to give a planet the chance to raise life support once it reaches a certain point. without having to fill your base with unneeded habitation buildings.