I'm done sharpening my pencil. It's time to use it

Hello everyone! It’s your friend, or enemy, pencil111111111. I’m here as leader of the Belzeran opposition to CUOP.

I’ve been a scoundrel as bad as Dirk, but also a samaritan as good as TacoTuesdays(trademark of EatTacos88 - please don’t kill me mr.tacos)

In the past 48 hours I have funded the resources necessary for the creation of over 11 bases on YO-312e. I have provided the stepping stone for players old and young alike to settle one of the greatest planets in the universe. A base provides the gateway to an EXT and eventually the vaunted Tier 3 consumables and the BCO which will certainly be necessary for shipbuilding.

Why? By doing this I achieve 2 major objectives - firstly - I help to empower those who want to have a say on the highly controversial issue of cartels and monopolies, and secondly, it provides a stepping stone for players to build CUO producing bases that improve the overall supply of CUO in the universe. CUO doesn’t belong to the so-called “Copper Barons” or the CUOP. It belongs to everyone.

I’m not the one building bases. The people who send the ships to the planets are the ones who build the bases. I’m just here to load the cannons and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Now… onto the scoundrel part.

If you haven’t heard from Konvolut or any of the CUOP about me purchasing all of the SCN and HMS on the Neo Charter and Insitor Cooperative Markets, you’ll hear it from me.


I’m buying all of this SCN and HMS to prove several points.

  1. You can’t hide behind the price of the cx to justify a cause, especially in a small market like the HMS/SCN one
  2. Anyone can make a dick move and say that they are testing game mechanics
  3. It’s important to take direct responsibility for your actions

and most importantly

  1. There are no good guys or bad guys here, no right or wrong

The only issue I have is CUOP’s inability to find solutions to our seemingly simple problem - people don’t like taxes(then don’t tax them), and their lack of claimants to responsibility.

I am perfectly willing to match and beat any price that CUOP offers, but I will continue to snipe and strangle the market until this conflict is over.

“I’m just testing game mechanics”

My Good deeds should not cancel out my Bad deeds, nor vice versa, instead they should both be taken at face value. It’s up to the individual to decide who they want to support. Bobemor and Madnewmy will shout and scream that they are infringing on our rights, and comrade will come right back with his own remarks.

But here’s my statement

Choose what you think is right. It’s not pencil vs Prdgi.

It’s about making an honest choice about what you think will benefit the universe.

I wish for peace, but I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to break the cartel. Please feel free to send me a message in game(pencil111111111 - it’s 9 ones) or through discord(my username is RedTeddi#1974), if you have any issues with me, or want to participate in the Belzeran Operation to Nullify KUOP(i wanted the acronym to be BONK but i couldn’t think of anything…)