[Idea] industry bonuses for higher level corp/company HQ

One of the things I find a little bit lacking in the experts system is that there’s no real synergy within the same company between bases on different planets. It’s perfectly normal in PrUn to have a base working on electronics, and another base working on farming. However, in the real world, companies tend to stick a little more to their area of expertise; you don’t see Intel or Apple buying up farms and working them.

What could be a cool feature is the ability to pick different bonuses for higher-level company HQs that are related to an industry. Just an example of what this might look like:

You’re upgrading company HQ to level 5. For an extra 20 LFabs, you can add an “electronics wing” that increases production in Electronics by 2% across the board, or an “Agricultural Research Facility” for a 15% boost in the speed your bases acquire agriculture experts.

Perhaps you could only have one of these bonuses active at a time, to give the feeling of running a cohesive company across multiple bases that has a main area of expertise.

Given that this could make older, larger corporations more overpowered and able to muscle out newer players, perhaps these bonuses should only apply on Settler+ tier buildings.

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HQ already gives a bonus depending on where its at

(its not much so not pushing ppl to specialize but its def already there)