HQ upgrade bonus


Came up with a small idea that seemed worthy enough to talk about in here.

Currently, the HQ bonus is very weak. 5% overall is nice, but not impressive and not something that would force someone to specialize into a single industry, especially that only electronics and manufacturing offer the full 5%…

On top of that, there seems to be no reason to upgrade the HQ other than to make more bases, which leaves a very closed end to anyone who wants to restrict themselves to a set number of bases for any reason.

What could be an interesting development would be to have the HQ bonus scale depending on the number of base permits unused. This would give an hedge to anyone who specialized and a reason to further build their HQ, and offer competition against “do everything themselves” kind of players.

So let’s take the 5% manufacturing with a 25% bonus/level. With 0 or 1 unsused base permit, it stays the same. With 2 unsued, that bumps to 6.25% to manuf, 3 to 7.5%, etc… (maybe these need to be decreasing with each level? unsure about the actual balance between a linear vs exponential growth on these)


I like the idea of doing something extra with the HQ bonus as an alternative to just more bases.

Theres no option in this game to play ‘tall’ rather than ‘wide’. I mean to some extent you can build more expensive buildings / higher tier buildings but ultimately the game will encourage you to just spam more bases to profit the most.

Having some way to improve the quality of each base would allow more ‘compact’ gameplay. Other ways HQ upgrades could do this is to unlock more base size (maybe 50 base size every 2-3 levels for an example).

It could even have different types of HQ upgrades - more planets vs more base size that could allow you to specialise.

Or, a bit like experts, you can put your base permits into new bases/HQ bonus upgrade/slight area upgrade/larger upgrade on HQ planet as you please (obviously not less than number of actual bases, but CM demolition is on the cards.