HQ Points Idea

Right now, each HQ level gets us one additional base - but what if the connection was not that straight-forward. My idea is to use “HQ Points” instead. All the numerical values below are for example:

When you start the game you start with 50 HQ Points, and you get 10 more each time you upgrade your HQ. (HQ costs are the same, so 10 points counts more and more as you go on). So, how are the HQ points used?

Your initial base (on a starter planet by default) costs 30 HQ Points. Additional bases have varying costs - they vary based on the habitability of the planet, and on its distance from the ‘core’. So say a habitable planet (no need for INS/etc) costs 10 HQ points, while for each type of special stuff it needs (1-3) you take 2 points off, so a planet needing INS would be 8 HQ points, a planet needing INS and HSE would be 6 HQ points, and if you need all three then 4 HQ points. If you are “halfway” to the rim, that is a point discount (9/7/5/4) and in the outer rim, two point discount (8/6/4/2).

You can shift the discount for hostile environments to 1 per version for less steep discount. But this does reward older players to both settle the outer rim and also leave the starter planets because those bases are expensive in HQ points.

Also, because HQ points are now a different measure, you can reward players for being a governor (1 HQ point?) or building large projects, or whatever else the Devs can think of.

Anyway, just an idea I had, at least partially, someone else came up with the “variable cost” in the last DevLog (maybe it was FireFreak) but I fleshed out the HQ point idea to split it from the HQ level.


Loving any idea that encourages to build large-tanks fleet and colonize outer regions!

I like it as well - I would really like to see incentives to build worlds outside of the core. This is a really interesting idea and dodges some of the downsides which I’ve seen from other ideas. It seems so simple in hindsight lol. If there are economic incentives for people to build “out”, that is a wonderful example of a really fair way to make them.

Right now the only incentives to use planets further out is higher resource extraction rates. With more of them we’ll see a lot more further out development and options open up, for especially new players, which is the all important thing to me!

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I really like the core of the idea. Incentivizing a more widespread settlement pattern through cheaper permitting of otherwise less desirable planets seems technically feasible (I hope) and easy for players to understand.

I like that, compared to some other proposals to address this issue, it doesn’t particularly punish anyone or make certain play styles unavailable to new players, but it introduces a new set of tradeoffs to consider, which is the whole point of the game anyway.

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