HPR Charge time

HPR charge time correct in BLU at 2mins but actual ship still at 30M.

Actual flight ANT → LS-300c in progress, vs the same flight (with nearly the same parameters) for the same ship in BLU.

Thanks for the report, we’ll have a look.

The ship performance behaves similar as the latest change to the habs, where if you want the new area footprint, you have to demolish and rebuilt the habs.

Of course a ship cannot be demolished :slight_smile: For it to upgrade to the new engine performance it needs to undergo an upgrade in the shipyard. It doesn’t really matter what parts are changed. After the upgrade the engines are automatically upgraded to the new performance parameters as well.

Is there no way to change this? I don’t really have anything to upgrade I would have to remove STS and add it back or something silly on 16 ships.

Would it be viable to create a new tier of whipple shield or heat shield, extremely cheap to produce (heat shields made out of sodium anyone!?!), offering very little benefit, to be used mainly as an opportunity for people to add and then remove them to reset their ships?

50% discount, utilise the BHP/LHP upgrade route (in theory, I didn’t crunch the numbers)