How to make the game better and be accessed to more people. <3

from: Chris/SuperSoul "you can call me whatever which you want :slight_smile: "

Hello prosperous universe support team. :white_heart:

The first thing I have to say is that the game you have made so far is probably the best browser MMO of it’s time so far and I hope it gets better and stays that way. :white_heart: :smiley: :white_heart:

Everything is done almost perfectly to the market system, to trying to manage and catch dangerous bugs in the game, to fun and engaging updates, to the tech system of the game so far as well as everything else in the game I didn’t miss is done completely perfectly for what it has done in the company should be proud of what they have made, and what they keep on updating every single day. :white_heart: :purple_heart: :white_heart: :smiley:

The problem is not with the game itself but with how you monetize it to the public, a bunch of the game is locked behind a paywall which is a big problem that can definitely keep people away from the game, especially since the game states, it is free to play on many websites and it is definitely the kind of game that would be good for that all the way. :slight_smile:

of course I’m going to be a reasonable person and I’m going to tell you how you can try to fix it because I absolutely love the game you have made so far and I would love for people to be able to play all of it for what it is. :white_heart:

The game is an alpha for a reason you know. :wink:

These things will be entitled to the things that you should focus on first and then do the other things later if you want too. :slight_smile:

1: take off the paywall and turn it into a cosmetics system with a custom cosmetic update but keep people paying for the naming of things in the game universe more or less the same, maybe with a little bit less prices if you can so that more people can have access to it but it isn’t very essential so it’s mostly your choice as a team. :boom: :boom: :boom: :white_heart: :smiley:

one of the main things that deterred the game is that it’s not very pretty to play, it’s a very logical game that is very fun but it doesn’t have that much stuff in it that can tell you what things are. I’m a hundred percent sure that your already planning for this but I thought of something you could do with it that could make it even better, take away the paywall parts of the game pass but still allow people to get and keep the cosmetic options from it and then add a custom profile picture in a corner of the game and custom textures for all of the windows and the things in the windows and even the items too if you have the time to work on that. it would give a lot of players a breath of fresh air and bring a lot of new players in and a lot of new money in too with it and you will probably get even more YouTubers playing the game and free advertising with that. :white_heart: :purple_heart: :white_heart:

It’s a complete win-win for everyone involved! :smiley: :white_heart:

2: create a separate tab for spreadsheets and have it accessed for all players, making fun cosmetic things for that as well if you want too. :boom:

This game is perfect for spreadsheets and it would make the players and the new people coming in a lot happier if they could have a custom way in the game to have their spreadsheets in an easy to use and to find way and it probably wouldn’t be that hard to implement in the game either. :white_heart:

These next two are the major ones that you probably aren’t going to be able to do for a while but would be really cool and fun for everyone if you could do it. :white_heart:

3: more servers and custom run servers. :boom:

If you’re going to make all these changes, then eventually the server is going to get full very fast, that’s why you need to get more servers in the future if you do the first two options which would be wise to do or at least take something from. :slightly_smiling_face:

my idea with custom servers would probably not be able to be implemented until a lot later but basically what could happen is that, someone could pay for a server to be made and they could control the server subdirectly with some custom ways that you could make so that they could make the universe unique with custom currencies, stars, planets, starting locations and all that. I honestly think it would be a really cool idea to implement if you were able to get it right and manage it. :slightly_smiling_face:

This last one is extremely extreme on all levels and it’s probably not going to be implemented anytime soon at all but after you fix everything else it could be something for a very advanced update much later in the future. :white_heart:

4: a system to infinitely generate a universe with custom settings to make it easier to make the servers for all people involved. :boom:

like I said, this is probably going to be a pain to implement so you can take your time with this one and do it later if you want or take something from it if you want. this is probably the kind of thing you should do at the release of the full game if you want to do it at the best time and it would definitely score the game into the best browser game of all time so I hope you at least attempt to do it eventually. from how the system in the game works, this could definitely be possible and it would be extremely amazing if you could absolutely do it and I really hope you can or at least take something equally as good from it. :white_heart:

I hope you can all get this around the company and to the developers of the game since I can see the extreme potential for this game as a whole. :white_heart:

best wishes and love to all of you and good luck to all of you as well. :white_heart:

I really hope my criticism and ideas will help the game go further in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

from: Chris/SuperSoul :white_heart:

:white_heart: :smiley: :white_heart: :unicorn:

ps: I love when you create your account that the bot gives you a unicorn picture that you have to reply too. that’s honestly very cute. :white_heart: :purple_heart: :unicorn: :purple_heart: :white_heart:

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Thanks for the feedback!

Trying to reply quickly to the points you made:

In our experience a cosmetic system only really pays off with many thousands of players. Since PrUn is a niche-y game we don’t expect (and plan) that will happen.

Interesting idea, there are lots and lots of cool player-made spreadsheets, maybe we can feature them somehow

The overarching vision for PrUn is a game where every player plays in the same universe. Having multiple servers breaks this vision and as long as it is technically do-able we will keep the one universe :slight_smile:
I am curios: Have you played AirlneSim?

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I never have played that game actually, reason why I said this here is because games like this is probably going to start to gain traction a lot as soon as the new dwarf fortress version with graphics is going to come out, more people are going to be introduced into games like this and as people get smarter it’s probably going to go into the main mainstream and I’m predicting games like this is going to come next.

mainly because a very popular games close to this genre is starting are starting to appear a lot more frequently but they aren’t very complicated.

new version of dwarf fortress will probably most likely be when this kind of thing starts hitting mainstream which means you will probably start having a lot of server problems when that starts happening as well as a lot of other things, especially with this being a free to play game now.

the new version of dwarf fortress will hit and it will be a big hit and with that, people are going to want to start going with that and with this free to play game already here, it’s going to literally explode no matter what because no other game is as complicated as this one.

mainly because games with simple premises, people will get sick of very soon and then they will start exploding into the games like this as soon as the new version of dwarf fortress comes out and they can figure out how special these games really are.

I’m basically trying to give you a warning right now, most people would use this information to completely and utterly abuse the stock market but I honestly don’t care about doing that, I care about helping people with what I have already and figure out the rest later.

this is a warning that no one would be crazy enough to give anyone right out there unless they don’t care about money whatsoever and the fact is I don’t really care about it either and if I can do something without using it, then I will other than the contrary.

I hope you listen to my warning since most people can’t handle when this kind of thing happens in history and have a straight head after.

other than that, have a great day. if I’m right then you just got more lucky than winning every single lottery on the planet at the same time.

I hope this helps. :purple_heart: :white_heart: :purple_heart: :unicorn: :purple_heart: :white_heart: :purple_heart: