How frequent are wipes?

Hi there,

I’m extremely looking forward to play the game. However, I haven’t started because I’m not a fan of time-limited worlds, or in this case, wipes after a release. In fact, I play on a none time-limited world in Airline Sim, because I like to have a continuous empire / enterprise to work on.

So, I wanted to ask how frequent do wipes occur in the game’s current state? Or should I just wait for Early Access instead?

Cheers and thanks for all of your work!

We really can’t say how many more wipes there will be until we reach Early Access. The current alpha test is over 11 months old if I remember correctly and none of us would have thought that it would last that long. We will try to add the next features without a reset, but can’t make any promises.

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Thank you, that is great news. Keep up the great work, you guys are amazing.

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