Help the newbies megathread!

Lets collect all our tips, tricks, and advice for all thew newbies to learn:

Resource Deposit Catalogue: (Thanks to GDP)

Local Market Catalogue: (Thanks to @Esabab)

Base Designer: (Thanks to @Esabab)

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Learn Apex, learn the market, develop relationships, make spreadsheets! You can reset your company if you make too many mistakes, but this feature is time-controlled so use it wisely!


My best advice is don’t be afraid to restart using the liquidate command “COLIQ” Takes a couple hours to get to grips with things, then liquidate and feel like you know what your doing the second time around :slight_smile:


How do I coordinate with my friends?
Assuming you have a PRO account, the only way you can do so is to use a Local Market. There is currently no private trading in the game (it is on the roadmap). The best way to transfer goods is for the receiving party to post a BUY on the local market for the resource in question for 1 currency. Keep in mind there is a 105 currency cost to posting an Ad, so make sure you do it as much in bulk as feasible.

Do note that this means the sending party must either be on planet or fly & deliver the resource in question. You can also organize trades as a SELL to give away resources but do note that anyone can come along and claim the ad and if you fail to deliver, your reliability rating will be affected.

What should I set for fuel usages for flying?
Early on, you should be conserving fuel as reasonably as you can. Set Reactor usage (FTL fuel) to minimum and set Fuel usage (STL fuel) to a few points above minimum. Make sure to move the slider around a bit and test various SF usage amounts.

The reason for the above is because STL is the vast majority of the time spent flying. Reactor usage won’t affect impact travel time very much unless you are making a lot of jumps. “0% vs 1%” SF usage is usually a drastic time difference, hence my suggestion above.

Also: Make sure to do the math when planning flights. There is no need to fly there 5 hours faster to get there at 3 AM (if you have kids like me that don’t sleep, go ahead and get there sooner).


More in-depth on fuel usages for FTL flying please!
In the current version of PrUn, FTL (Faster Than Light) flight has a settings range of 25% to 58% reactor usage. Each parsec traveled uses ~7.2FF, multiplied by the reactor usage. So at 25%, this is ~1.8FF/parsec. At 50% it’s ~3.6FF/parsec. The catch is that the time you spend in FTL is only reduced by ~8.1% if you go from 25% to 50%. In other words, there is almost zero gain to be had with increased FTL reactor settings. Goods On Time Corp (GOT) recommends a minimum setting except in emergencies, or where the value of the shipment is so extreme that the small time savings is worth it.

Wait, so if I leave FTL Reactor at minimum (25%), how do I make the most money on a shipping run?
Well, this is a fantastic and fun question. If you have nothing else for your ship to do, run the slowest trip you can wait for. Wait, want to ship more for more daily income? Don’t want to wait 6 days each way? GOT is currently developing a public Sheet for you to make this calculation easily. Due to planetary movements and differences in gravity/radius of the planets, the calculation as of this posting is explicit and accurate only for a one way trip that occurs on short game time order (<3 days typically, to avoid movement of planets skewing results) OR for round-trip runs where both planets have ~same gravity and radius and the trip is again, short.

Want to know how it works? Well, for STL flight, our ships maintain linear power output vs fuel output from minimum to maximum power. Utter perfection for a rocket engine and ease for you to estimate! Double the SF halves your STL flight time! But wait, there is some wrinkle to this. Your SF usage to take-off and land are effectively unchanged by fuel settings, so you only really control the space flight segments. For in-system travel this is the TRA segment. For inter-system this is the DEP and APP segments.

To make our calculator accurate for nearly all cases, we need your help! Please, when taking off from a planet that is not in the Data Collection tab, add in the minimum, maximum, and some in-between settings information. We will then be able to make explicit calculations based on actual planets and estimate your round-trip runs accurately, every time!

Please copy the sheet to your own Google Drive and edit/use the copy. Check regularly for updates. The Inter-System tab is a WIP.


The local market list got generalized to handle all types of planetary projects. The updated link is: