Handbook updates

Dear licensees,

since the release of the APEX Handbook, we have changed some pages and added news ones. Since we will continue to do so in the future, I thought I’d make this thread informing you about any major updates to the handbook. :slightly_smiling_face:

We just added a much requested page: Efficiency factors

It details the effects of worker availability, worker satisfaction, experts, soil fertility, and CoGC programs on your workforce’s efficiency. It also explains how consumables are used up, and it lists the spawn times and efficiency gain of experts. Questions on all these topics were quite frequent, and we hope that the new page clears things up. At the same time, we deliberately left out some numbers to reward players who take the time to figure them out on their own. Hope you like the new page!

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The section on soil fertility is misleading or wrong. It states that:

When viewing a building that needs fertile soil (e.g, a FRM), it clearly shows a “Soil fertility” entry in the Efficiency Factors section which is additive, not multiplicative. The additive value shown in that section does not change when other efficiency factors change, so it’s clearly being added in and not being multiplied.

Based on how soil fertility actually works in the game, I’d suggest replacing that sentence with something like:


Thank you for the correction! I’ll change that bit the way you described. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you or anyone else would like to contribute to the wiki directly, you can learn how on this page. (We will of course always review your suggested changes and additions first.)

Some changes have recently been made to the Handbook:

  • Chamber of Global Commerce: Added information on how company influence for voting on CoGC programs is calculated.
  • Space flight: The exact rules for aborting ongoing flights have been added.
  • Building costs: Removed statement that MHL are an additional building cost for Hydroponics Farms. They are in fact part of the basic recipe.