Halite+Water -> Sodium, Chloride weight

Something is not right with the weight of 1 HAL + 1 H2O becoming 1 NA and 1 CL in a CHP

1 HAL = 2.17 t
1 H2O = 1 t
total 3.17 t

1 NA = 0.97 t
1 CL = 3.2 t
total 4.17 t

Somehow the NA and CL is gaining exactly 1t of extra weight somewhere in the Chemical processing facility. This basically discourages players to process HAL at the source. It actually makes more sense to ship the unprocessed HAL to an exchange. This is what’s going on at my FO-705c base. I have CHP there processing the HAL and LST I am extracting.


It’s magic! :sparkles:

Thanks for bringing this up. I’m currently collecting potential balancing issues the community has been bringing to our attention since the last update so we can mitigate them in the next one (probably on Monday). If there is no specific game design reason for this weight gain, it’ll likely be addressed! Waiting for @molp and @dbltnk to weigh in.