Good influence - Development Log #391

Michi continues implementing the rating update and asks for help regarding influencer marketing.

You can find the full issue of the development log here.

Thanks for all the hard work!
I found PrUn searching for space-based MMOs.
You might also consider tapping into sub-group of data-seeking Elite Dangerous players via INARA - Elite:Dangerous companion or their associated site “MMO RPG SPACE” which I think PrUn fits well into: INARA - Selected MMO, RPG and space games newsfeed
The feed from the “MMO.RPG.SPACE” side appears on the main page. But you’d have to generate some regular press.

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Maybe I’m clicking wrong, but the link doesn’t seem to work for me.

i think its broken Good Influence - Development Log #391 | Prosperous Universe

Thanks, I fixed the link