Glass furnance -> No experts?

I have got two Glass furnances for several weeks, but my base did not get a single metallurgy expert. Are there experiences with that? I know, glass is not a metall, but the GF is listed under metallurgy. Thanks for your feedback in advance!

Using all consumables? 20x production orders?
Even 2 weeks with 1 GF seems like it would have gotten you the first expert. If you’re coming to the end of 2 long production runs i would just wait and see. If you’re doing shorter runs i’d be more concerned

Thx for the response. I do use all basic consumables, I do use PWO and REP. But I do not use COF and KOM. Is this a must to get the experts? I use two Glass furnances, but I have got only 60 out of 160 settlers atm. I use these two GFs for 5 weeks now.

@prophetar contact @molp, this is an interesting situation you are in, lack of COF/KOM shouldn’t lead to no expert generation…
Also nice, you can see other people typing on the forums :smiley:

Hmm, not sure exactly how to math that out. 10 days of 100% operation for the first expert, 5 days for 2 buildings, 12%(?) longer for no KOM, gaining settlers over 5 weeks. So assuming VH-241b, 4,9,16,25,37,54 settlers, so 2.5%,5.6%,10%,15%,23%,and now 37%. No COGC. Adding that gives 93% total output, minus some you would’ve got from KOM. So its taken 5 weeks to produce 85%ish what 2 full buildings could do in 5 days.
I think its simpler to say you’ll probably get the expert around the time you produce 200-240 GL. I’d say you’re on track to get the expert right away if you’re doing single orders, but if you’re doing 20x with 37% of your employees that might be a while, you won’t get the expert until completion

I’m on vacation right now, can have a look once I am back.

Update: Now I got an expert! Problem solved.

Experts only arrive at the completion of a production run and are based on how much production time was taken (based on 100% speed).