Gibson Governorship Update Thread - Pi Style

Hello! Thank you Gibson for your show of support in electing me as governor! As y’all know from me yapping in the planet channel, I’m working on building a COGC for Gibson. The key part of this accomplishable right now is L-fabs, so any L-fab producers on Gibson, contact me and we’ll work out a fair price for your product. Additionally, if you want to become an L-fab producer, contact me and the government can help fund your endeavor in exchange for a portion of the investment back.

Contact me here, in the planet chat, or in the UFO discord if you’re interested.

In further COGC news, our first purchases of 11 LDE and 6 LSE have been made, putting us on our way to having a COGC. Keep up with our progress here: Gibson COGC Planning - Google Sheets

As for the financials, here’s our statement:

I also ran a poll on where taxes should be set in the coming weeks. Very few people responded to it, so I will be moderately increasing taxes to 20 CIS, although LM taxes stay at minimum.

Give me your feedback on all of this here or in the UFO discord, thanks!

Edit: A quick thing I forgot, here’s a link to the accounting spreadsheet: Governance Expenses Gibson - Google Tabellen

It’s been a while. I missed out on the last fortnightly report. It’s been business as usual in the Gibson government, the weekly taxes have been going towards purchasing fabs for the COGC. All the LDE have now been purchased, most of the LSE, and most of the LBH. The LDE and LSE are sitting on Proxion and will be hauled over eventually.

The big update this week is that Gibson is entering into the Castillo-Ito Regional Fund Agreement, which intends to build COGCs on BEN planets. It stipulates that 50% of income after COGC upkeep has been paid for will go into the fund and be used by the planet to build a COGC. The participants in this right now are Proxion, Gibson, and Umbra. With Katoa to likely join later. Gibson is first in the list so we will be receiving extra funds to put up our COGC. Taxes have increased as well to help us pay for it.

Here is a link to the text of the agreement: Castillo-Ito Regional Fund Agreement - Google Docs

And lastly, here’s a screenshot of the last two weeks of spending:

And a link to the expense spreadsheet: Governance Expenses Gibson - Google Sheets

A quick update on the financials, every tax dollar has been going into the CIM Regional fund and all that money has been spent on our COGC. At the moment, here is the progress of Gibson:
The COGC parts will be done on the 2nd and should be on Gibson by the 3rd. Next week’s taxes will go towards paying for the last part of the COGC and then after that, only 50% of taxes will go into the CIM Regional Fund.

A quick snap shot of what the population on Gibson will look like without POPI:

This scenario overestimates our losses since it assumes the safety and health values are cut to their minimum value immediately, but still provides insight. We will struggle growing enough pioneers and technicians are limited by the number of jobs we can provide for them.

For this reason, I would encourage those on Gibson to look at Technician tier buildings like PP3 to employ more TEC and boost our population. As for pioneers, I will plan to build an SST after the COGC to grow the PIO and increase safety.

Reply here, in UFO, or PM me in game with questions.