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Hi i’m Patrick aka PatteKi,

at the moment we are a very small family and so it would be nice if we all know each other a little bit better.
To achieve this you could introduce your self in a short reply to this topic and let us know who is sitting on the other side.

So here is my introduction to you:
As you can read on the top i’m Patrick aka PatteKi.
I heard about PU the first time in 2016 on a games-vernissage in Munich/Germany there i got the possibility to talk directly with the developers and got a very very early look in to the game.
I really looking forward to the game and hope it will be an amazing time to get together with all of you in one big Universer regaldless if we are rivals or friends :smile:

See you in the deepness of space

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i am “skywalker74” from Airlinesim, where i am managing my “awaya atlantic” at the “Pearls” gameworld. Some time ago there was an announcement at the airlinesim discussion board, whereby i became attentive to PU. And now i am very excited of this new project. :slight_smile:

In real life my name is André and i am living in Germany “between Dortmund and Munster” , but (surprisingly?) i am not born in 1974 as my nickname suggests maybe :wink:

Interested in aviation and the space in general, i also am a little bit design addictet. I think i have made dozens of logos for fictive Airlinesim airlines.


Welcome to the both of you!

@patteki Looking forward to meeting you in Munich again in a few weeks. Quite excited and nervous to show the game to the public again!

@skywalker74 I was kind of hoping a few AirlineSim players would find their way over here :slight_smile:


Justin, aka Widdershins.

To be honest, I’m not sure where I first heard about PU. My guess is that I was googling “Space Trader online games” and came across this, was interested in the concept and the complexity and signed up for alerts.

Not much else to add. Didn’t want to just lurk in the background with such small group starting out.

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I’m Loki, also known as patufra on Airlinesim, hailing from the beautiful South Africa. I can’t remember where I heard about PU the first time but I think it was mentioned somewhere on Airlinesim. I’ve been playing Airlinesim on and off for quite some time and is currently running an airline on Nicosia.

Just for the record, I’m really looking forward to this!

Welcome everyone!

I am really happy to see some folks interested in the game. After all we have been developing it in the dark for quite a while now :slight_smile:

I am Michael, one of the developers of Prosperous Universe. Since we are a very small dev team I don’t have a specific focus on a single development topic but rather am a maid-for-all-work. The exception is maybe everything related to 3d visualization (universe, system and planet maps).

Salut everyone,
interisting idea. Will there be a section for german members? Think that is the native language of a lot of people here.

Eventually, there will be localizations of the game to other languages, then probably also including respective sections on the forums. But for the time being, we will stick to English to keep things simple.

Hi Everyone

My name is Cole, also known as Buster on Airlinesim, where I currently run THYjet on Nicosia.

Aircraft are my first passion, but space definitely comes second!
Found out about PU on the AS forum.

Feeling pretty excited about the future of this project and can’t wait to see where it goes!

Hi, everybody! I’m Julian. :slight_smile: I used to live in Munich, where I sometimes met the devs at public events and learned about Prosperous Universe. I’m in love with hard sci-fi and looking forward to this game in particular. I’m actually not coming from Airlinesim, but I enjoyed Eve Online and Kerbal Space Program a lot and I’m getting more and more into the science behind space travel. Thrilled to see where PU is headed!

Hi everyone
My name is Basil Katakuzinos
I’m from South Africa. My username is the same as my AS because I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast😂 I came across the game when I was exploring Sumoligics portfolio my first interest is aviation but space is not far behind I love real world and economy simulators and I can’t wait to get my first taste of PU

@Mjeno I dig your profile picture :wink:

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Hi there,

I’m dominik aka derluke from Stuttgart/Germany.
As a long time fan of Sci-Fi games I cant wait for the release of PU :slight_smile:
Although I have no experience with complex trading games, I had a lot of fun playing Eve Online and Ogame.
Hopefully, the alpha test phase will begin soon :slight_smile:

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its Glizlack from NextAir on Templehoff.
This looks to be a fun game with lots of potential. I enjoy playing trading/transport games of almost all types. I am looking forward to playing this.


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Hello all

Found this game today on a browser game portal, only to learn that I made an account some time ago and promptly did nothing with it. I am a keen browser game player, and also a part time developer on a medieval style browser game. I have a particular love of sci-fi games, particularly open ended sandbox games. I recently beta tested a game called Barons of Galaxys, but found the construction and trade systems to be far to limited for long term enjoyment. There were also several other issues with how the projection of military power worked in the game, at least for my play style and available time.

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Hey peeps,

I’m Robin from Munich. Not a player of the airline sim, at least not a very active one. I’m a little nerdy about space, love playing EVE Online and met @martin a few times, as well as @molp here in Munich. Partially, I do work for the Bavarian Government regarding games. We’re supporting great games and are hoping to build a great ecosystem for developers.

Being a space nerd, I fell in love with the idea of PU, so I begged for an Alpha invite and HERE I AM. For the last round I did some spreadsheeding to optimize my production. Good ol times where we had everything in abundance and the world was a better place and we could be self-sufficient.

Also, I was involved in some browser-game development before, I was an artist for another online game, which @Codermic and some friends of mine made. Good times.

I’m looking forward to seeing PU prosper and hope to be a contributing part in some way to it.



My first space game was Elite on the BBC micro but haven’t played this genre in mmo. The (very) little I know of PU sounds good so far. My name is after the Oort cloud, where comets are born.

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