Garson Kilman Industries

Garson Kilman Industries IPO

I have decided to experiment with creating an investment structure for GKI as an IPO. My goal is to make investing in GKI stock return more than the equivalent cash loaned out at more than 3% per week.

Company Value:

Since it is possible that I will take a break or leave the game at some point, the company value needs to be based on the value that can be generated and liquidated during the shutdown time once it is decided to leave the game. Once I make a decision to leave, I will continue to run the company for about 4 weeks of run time without making further investments, generating as much cash through sales possible.

Current Strategy:

GKI is primarily invested in the consumables market, selling DW and RAT. The current strategy is to sell at the highest price possible on the CX, though DW and RAT are made available to OOG corporation members at a significantly reduced rate in exchange for the benefits received from the corporation. Loans and investments have been made to scale the current operations to 21 bases generating approximately 2,000,000 AIC per day in profit.

Future plans are tentative based on how much capital is raised as part of the IPO, but the next goal is a 15% increase in profit by scaling the existing production plan further.

Company value:

  • 4 weeks of profit
  • Recoverable base assets
  • Material liquidation
  • Cash on hand
  • Liabilities

GKI will shortly be at (after current investments are completed):

  • 2,000,000 AIC profit per day (96 million AIC over 4 weeks)
  • 21 bases, recoverable average value of estimated 400,000 AIC (8,400,000 AIC)
  • 3,000,000 AIC in material liquidation
  • 4,500,000 AIC, 100,000 CIS cash
  • 13,260,000 AIC in outstanding loans, payments and interest

Total Company Liquidation (TCL) Value: 98,740,000 AIC

Share Price

Total Public Shares: 2000

Share Price: 49,370 AIC

Participating in the IPO

To sign up to purchase shares in the IPO, send a direct message over discord (I’m in the UFO discord) to @Dehzhas or in game to @Dehzhas.


A public business report will be made every 4 weeks with the updated company valuation. Additionally any significant changes in company strategy will be briefly described.

Share Buyback

In order to provide the ability to cash out, and therefore maintain share value, GKI offers on-demand buybacks. At any time, a shareholder may request to sell their share back to the company at the current TCL price based on the most recent company report. These will be processed in the order they are received as cash is available. This is an investment and you are accepting the risk that your share value could devalue over time.

You may resell your shares at any time to another player for any amount but GKI (Dehzhas) must receive direct positive confirmation from both players that it was agreed to and that the sale has taken place. Confirmed discord communications, in-game messages and screenshots, etc. are fine for this purpose.

Retirement and Other:

In the event of GKI player retirement, a plan will be implemented to generate as much cash as possible during the final weeks of play. All cash will be split among shareholders according to the number of shares held.

In the event of game liquidation of a shareholder, the shares owned by that player will revert to GKI unless prior arrangements have been made.


I was here first :smiley:

3% x 52 weeks = 156% APY that’s crazy lol


28% of the IPO shares have been sold. GKI now has a discord for related discussions: Garson Kilman Industries


42.5% of shares have been sold at this point. I will close the fund raising round tomorrow evening (~36 hours). The remaining shares will be bought by a large investor at that time.

This is the last chance to get in on the IPO at 49,370 AIC per share.