Garbage Collection - Development Log #334

Martin sheds some light on the outage from over the weekend, and Michi shows off a new notification tool.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link



today it’s the first time I see the maintenance banner, but it’s only when I hide the SCRNS bar.
When the SCRNS bar is active, I don’t see the banner.
When I then open the SCRNS menu in that bar, the menu is not connected to the bar, making it impossible to acces the different screens.
Below a screenshot of the SCRNS menu being unattached from the SCRNS bar

Hey, thanks for the report! We broke the layout with a recent release, which is why the notification banner does not work correctly. Will (hopefully) be fixed with the maintenance patch in a couple of minutes!

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Thanks for the quick reply. The problem was dismissed by dismissing the notification bar.
Keep up the good work!