Fuyutsuki Functional is seeking INPUT

Good Day PRUN Denizens,

Fuyutsuki Functional Conglomerated has been steadily financing experimental development of products with our reliable Carbon Generation Facilities on Montem for some time now. We’re certain you’ve seen our scant advertisements to the Universe about the availability of Small and Medium Fastener kits in the Moria Commodity Exchange (and many of you have purchased them, thank you) and recently the production and distribution of Budget Connectors (though, so far only one entity has purchased the lot of them) for consumption.

We write to you today seeking your input on FFC’s desire to expand in the small electronic component supply space. We have been considering our options and seek to fill the void left by the sudden departure of the only Solar Panel supplier out of the galaxy. In so doing, we would be producing a Cleanroom (CLR) and an Energy Components Assembly (ECA) plant.

While FFC was the pioneer in bringing publicly affordable Metalist Studio (FS) outputs, the risk on that building was not nearly as high as with the pair of the Cleanroom and ECA. To do this would require forging a relationship with SNF to cement a Copper supplier, an un-named individual to secure Silicon, and FFC’s deliberate expansion to capture Lithium for the production of Power Cells.

As such, we seek your input. What prices would be reasonable for the outputs of the Cleanroom and the ECA? Would you purchase them? Would having these things available help your plans?

We look forward to your feedback and thank you for your time,
President of Fuyutsuki Functional Conglomerated