Flight cancel bug or intended behavior?

I canceled the flight during step 0 with 3 min left and expected the ship to stop on moria orbit, but now it is still jumping the system. Is this really expected?

Also after that the ship arrived “somewhere” in the OT-442 system, I then set course for OT-442h which was the original target about 25min after arrival. Flying now with similar fuel levels would take another 12 hours even though the original flight plan would have only taken 6 hours total - 3 hours already passed for the JMP, so I’m missing out on another 9 hours. It seems that canceling the flight not only took one additional step that I did not want it to take, it also changed the JMP target location to be near OT-442a or b.

You did start the flight at Moria (surface) right? And during the take-off phase canceled the flight?

Exactly. Started from the CX and wanted to go back to add some more cargo to bring along.

Ah, if you started from a station, than the first segment is not the usual take-off segment you would have when starting from a planet. Instead it is a departure segment that spins up your FTL drive. So, if you cancel that segment the jump has to be done as well, since the FTL fuel has been consumed. In a planet to planet flight this also happens when you cancel a flight during a departure or charge (mid-flight) segment. The charge and the following jump segment will be executed.

Understandable. But then the message of the cancel dialog is wrong/misleading if canceling during DEP/CHRG segments does not cancel the current segment, but only after the JMP following it.

Any clue why the distance was so different after jumping into the new system? I missed about 25min of just checking late, but I don’t think that would amount to 6h longer (total) flight for about the same fuel. Or does the ship keep some velocity from the jump, so it does not have to first accelerate?

You are right, the wording can and should be improved.

About the distances: If a jump segment finishes in the target system, and is not the last segment of the flight, e.g. a approach segment follows, then the jump exits within approach distance to the target. If there is no target (other than the system in general) a random exit point within the system is chosen.