Fix Both Populous and Deflation

I would like to (again) advocate for populous to buy upkeep from the governor or governing corporation. This would greatly incentivize the governing corporation to build infrastructure as an investment, source a diverse range of upkeep materials from other players, inject currency into the economy while removing a large variety of products from circulation. Ultimately this would make being governor a much more rewarding and interactive experience, and encourage players to develop planets and setup supply chains.

The current donation system is really not fun, and there seems to be very little incentive to build population infrastructure at all right now.

Why this is different than adding MM buys to inject currency:

  • Items are bought in limited quantities so players can’t just farm the “optimal” resource to the MM
  • Encourage complicated and diversified supply chains to create currency, where the production chains for these items already exist and don’t directly affect in game goods
  • Provide a real market for populous upkeep items.
  • Convert an existing system that is both frustrating and underutilized into something that players want to interact with.
  • Make elections matter, and encourage cooperation among players to secure the governorship of a planet for long term development instead of turning into a hot potato that nobody really wants except for prestige or to leech tax dollars while returning nothing to the planet.

The title might be misleading but read what Counterpoint is explaining in the latest devlog.

The system already sucks, but now I am going to have the ability to build my own personal POPI and pay the local government for the privilege? Oh wow, just sign me right up for that experience!

Just a quick reply to take the edge off (I am out of office): Fabian is not talking about population infrastructure, but rather future infrastructure projects like space elevators, orbital ship yards, cx, etc etc and maybe even migrating the existing planetary projects into the “new” infrastructure. That way we would eliminate the donation mechanism and replacing it with a contract system that is controlled by the governor.

Finally a use for MTC

Thanks for the clarification. It’s good to know that I misread the context behind these changes. These all sound like cool projects that I would love to have, but I hope that a lot of thought is put into how they are implemented and balanced, and making sure that they integrate well with the existing game mechanics. I don’t think there is very many players who are happy with the state of populous right now, and given your limited resources I hate to see many months of development time poured into something that nobody wants or uses.

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