Final Customer?

I get that we are supposed to supply each other but that still leaves out a big part of the economy which is the end customer. Will there only be companies in space or will there be cities/ outposts that need to be supplied?

I could be missing the picture because the market is so small and everyone is basically making the same stuff.

So long as people want to expand, the money just keeps moving around between us.

If everyone wanted to save up MONEY for expansion then we will run into issues with not having enough money to circulate through the economy properly. Ideally, once you decide what facility you want to build next, you should be buying the prefabs for it piece by piece.

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There are no end customers besides the other players yet, with the exception of the market makers. They buy (and sell) some of the basic commodities.

In our roadmap you will find the item “planetary population”. With that we want to introduce a player-company independent population on some planets that grows/shrinks/migrates depending on some factors. It will have needs that will work similar as those of the existing workforces right now.


I feel that there really should be an end customer that you sell some goods to for cash, which would provide a small influx of money to the economy so that it doesn’t just devolve into deflation as soon as new players aren’t coming in.

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