Feedback/small change for INV hyperlink

wanna report small bug/recommend a change:
this hyperlink leads to “MS ZV-307”, not the station.
The same link is also in the FLT screen when your ships are parked or headed for the Station.
It should lead to the station overview “STNS ANT”,
just like the planet INV links lead to their planets, not the “MS”.
Same thing for all other Stations.

Atm you click that link, then get the MS, click the SYSI at top,
then click on Antares Station (or whatever you want from station, WAR, LM, CX),
as depicted in the image.

Alternatively, specifically for the INV hyperlink to station,
it might be best to actually link it to the “WAR ANT”. I usually only click it to cancel WAR.


I have had this problem several times now as well and this should be a quick fix IMO.
Make it behave like the link to planets.

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We’ll fix this in the next maintenance release!

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