Feedback on the newer MMs

It’s now been nearly 6 weeks since the release of the newer high tier MM.

There seems to have been quite a few of them used, however, I am a bit disappointed there has not been another wave of readjustment of prices.

Here is my opinion on most on them! While these were really interesting to start with, I wanna propose a few additions/removal to make them interesting and attempt to stimulate player trades for these MM.


Honestly, I don’t even know why these four were added. AIR and IDC both rely on scientist, which already had plenty of options (behind WAI) for MMs and are probably gonna go 100% towards STL ships once available
LOG seems to be a fallback plan for APF, but the cost of building the APF + reserving nearly 200 techs to run the APF full time on it comes with very little rewards.
EDC and IDC having no inputs makes little sense to have as an MM. Creating money without a ressource sink doesn’t seem to healthy, and both MM are very poor

Drones MM

Only SRD and SUD have been used so far, SRD being by far the best one ATM. I strongly feel like the SDR should be given a small boost (75k > 80k) to make it worth the differential in effort of doing HOG vs SAR. They offer a wide variety of inputs, forcing multiplayer trading for them which is really great (WEL, SCA, ELP, CLR, ECA, and FS notibly)


Same as drones, few uses and hard to scale largely. Allows to sink AML time into a MM which is interesting (and a much better way to sink Afabs > MM than LOG due to the different components used). The CBS is a tad low to be worth using since most of the input cost is in the BE and LI. CBS could probably use a small upgrade too, but I don’t ever see it being useful to be used over the CBM due to the simplicity of accumulating BGC vs BE.


Solid sink for many ressources and ECA time. Seems currently overused due the amount of CUO available.


Good sink of many ressources too, but a tad too strong ATM. The PHF costing only Lfabs and being 1/2 settlers and 1/2 tech makes it easy to scale up. The harder part, being the SAR, is a bit out of balance vs the drones MM. All the other inputs are small and easy to acquire. A small nerf (58k > 50k) should be envisioned.


I put those 3 together for a reason : They all rely mostly on one metal. UTS is particularly too strong atm due to the montem + vallis arrangement and provides too good of a profit for the effort needed to smelt FE and refine it into UTS. The FE price is already dictated by BSE prices, and both having a MM seems counterintuitive. UTS can also serve down the line in drones to be used in their MM. I do not think the FS should have any MM linked to it, as it already has a lot of recipes and MM down the production chain (notably needed for SARs, BRO for SP.
STR has the same problem, but linked with AL and BBH. It’s not currently apparent due to AL being super high (thanks ANT for being an awful region!) yet it still got sold “en masse” on the MM. The BMP has plenty of uses and already two MM (MCG and OVE) to rely on if need be, while AL has BBH and PE has BDE. I do not see the point of this MM being added.
POW is a bit of a harder call. It being linked mostly to LI price is a downside in my book, but the LI having no other “reliable” MM makes it an interesting item. The ECA already has a lot of MM linked to it and I think it would be interesting to move the POW MM to a RAD MM in order to give the EDM something to fall back on, and possibly even into COM (which would render the LOG MM useless too). They would both (the COM one especially) provide more incentive to trade while keeping a “base price” for LI. Other than that, it could use a slight nerf (4.5k > 4k).

On this note, im pretty interested to hear what other ppl have to say about these new MMs. All I have been hearing about it is “FE gold” and moria wins the OP region race again :smiley:! Also fairly curious to hear about the devs opinion so far on them.