Feedback and Travel time inconsistency

Hello, first post here :smiley:

I love the game!

I’ve found the SFC screen the most frustrating.
Typically I set my reactor and fuel usage to a minimum and try to adjust fuel usage to be close to 24 hrs transit time.

Yesterday, I swear it said 19hrs and with 114ish units of STL. The confirming screen came up with the correct time. When I submitted the order it changed to 1 day 19 hrs. and like 96 units of Fuel, super annoying :scream: I’m using Chrome.

I don’t have screenshots but I’m going to document my next few flights and maybe take a video.
I think this screen could use some love. I don’t think the sider bar for fuel usage is granular enough. I really love the idea of tailoring it so ships arrive just before I plan to be on next.

Thanks for developing such a fantastic game!

Turmith Starbringer

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Thanks and welcome!

We are aware of the bugs that come with the SFC command and will fix them once we go over ship building!

@molp beat me to it, I was literally just typing a reply. :smile: Was going to say the same.

PS: Welcome!

Thanks !
I ended up liquidating and restarting on an exchange planet anyway :wink:

I wanted to put it out there that my thought process was that the most efficient use of fuel for me was to have the ship arrive just as I log on. Since I’m only able to log one every 24hrs give or take an hour, I was trying to target that travel duration.