Feature Request: Consumables Permissions

I’d like to request a feature to enable/disable consumption of consumables. Ideally per production line, per base.

Hypothetical Example: I want to produce COF, but don’t want my workers to use it. Currently, since an FP uses PIO, as soon as the COF hits inventory, the PIO will consume the newly-created COF at the start of the next tick.

Proposed interface would be checkboxes for each consumable per production line.


I totally agree. Once I bought COF on the LM on Harmonia for my base on Deimos. I didn’t want to provide COF on Harmonia. Nevertheless, the daily consumption of COF has been automatically substracted on Harmonia.

There should be a way to tell the workers not to consume some consumables stored in the base because it is not for them. This is particularly important for luxury consumables. Right now the only way to do that is to rent warehouse space and store consumables in the warehouse. This is inconvenient, plus warehouse fees.

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Here’s a cool feature too workers do industrial action hardspace shipbreaker style because they think they “require caffeine”. (Guys caffeine withdrawal is no joke and is very painful imagine putting hundreds of pioneers into a grumpy state).

But yeah luxuries in general could have a cool system attached to them where it’s an % addition to a 100% workforce upkeep efficiency. I think it’s strange that luxuries are required to reach 100% I think psychologically it’s more engaging if they’re seen as a boost instead of a necessary consumable.