Expansion Fatigue

As a medium-sized player with 4 bases I am experiencing a distinct lack of interest in expansion. Logging in just to queue up 5 slots for a 15+ slot queue has become the norm and it has completely stopped me from wanting to expand any more. I know this topic has been discussed a bit on this forum, and I understand that managing production queues is a significant draw for new players but it quickly turns into a chore.

I propose the following:

  • Make a prohibitively expensive building that allows for queue automation
    • This could even consume some material as it operates
  • Allow buildings to be automated after the base has reached a certain size
  • Create a new “management” type of population with their own consumables that manage buildings
  • As a short term solution, increase the size of the input queue in relation to production queue

Lol, I literally just posted the ‘building that manages queues’ idea, so +1

We are aware that managing the production lines with only 5 queue slots each gets cumbersome. We are currently looking into options how to solve that. Unfortunately it didn’t make it into the current maintenance release, but we are optimistic for the next one!