Ementior taxes

Now that a functioning government has been established it’s time to decide what the tax rate should be.

In a rough poll of Ementior buildings there seems to be a average of 10 buildings/player with about 20-28 active bases.

SST maintenance cost: 15.404 k/week.
INF maintenance cost: 25.270k/week.

With 2x SST needed, total taxes to maintain the current infrastructure is 55kish/week.

I’d like to put in the taxes to be around 50-60/day/building to allow for expansion and COCG maintenance, but I’ll put up a poll for the tax rate. 80-100 would allow for significant capital expansion. If a higher tax rate worries you, a company can apply for tax relief-the government will buy needed goods up to the tax you pay a week so you don’t lose any money.(i.e if you pay 3000 week, Ementior government will buy 3000 worth of DW, LSE, OFF etc.)

Ementior Taxes
  • 40(aprox 56k/week)
  • 50(aprox 70k/week)
  • 60(aprox 84k/week)
  • 80(aprox 112k/week)
  • 100(aprox 140k/week)

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[Edit-This is to decide a range of tax options and get a general feel on what the populace wants.] For instance based on current polling, tax rate could start at 50, but if needed there is support for 60.