Ementior Governor Thread: tax income(83k)

Since I was elected governor, I thought I’d try one of these governor threads.

Thanks to all that voted for me, even though I was the only one who ran for governor!

Ementior has so unique problems that require a higher tax rate compared to other planets. For one PP2s use settlers, so Health is a big concern, and a INF is more expensive to run compared to the basic SST. The other thing is that PP2’s can be used to produce stuff for more Tier three things, which require technicians, which means Ementior will eventually require a PAR.

Tax rate: 50 CIS/building/day.

I took a poll in the Ementior tax thread to see what people’s opinions on the tax rate were, and to judge a max-min tax range. The tax range seemed to be around 50-60 CIS/building/day, with some outliers for a 100 CIS/day/building tax like Circe.

The maintenance costs for the INF and the SSTs came out to be around 55k/week, so I ideally wanted a tax rate that would allow for expansion and funding for COGC maintenance.

To come up with a tax range I took a informal poll of how many buildings people had in each category. It turned out to be a average of 10 buildings/per base.

With a second SST coming online, I’ll be focusing on the COGC being completed, then a PAR for the technicians.

Local Market Rate: 0 CIS

It seems strange to put the local market rate at 0 CIS, but the local market is a unreliable source of income anyways. Furthermore I want to encourage use of the local market to put up standing orders like a CX, so people can buy goods when they want.

Second, I want to develop a futures market on Ementior. The local market allows some wonderful things, like for instance selling goods you haven’t made yet or selling goods that you need to buy at a CX and then deliver-you’re betting the price stays at a range that makes you a profit.

For example, I put up a order to sell 100 RAT for 60 CIS. I don’t have the 100 RAT on hand, but I’m betting that I can buy RAT for 50-55 CIS/unit at the Benten CX and then ship it to Ementior for some profit. There is a risk that RAT goes over 60 CIS/unit and then I’ll have to eat a loss.

This is only really possible to develop with no local market fees-the poster doesn’t have to take the loss of having a local market order that no one has interest in and eating the local market fee.


Today’s first full tax came in:

roughly around 82k, which gives room for expansion to a PAR. I was worried because of last week’s taxes it would be less, but those fears proved insufficient.

I’m recording some of the tax income so people know where I’m spending it on.

The COGC was completed.

The weekly maintenance cost is 9,612 CIS or roughly around 10k/week.

The COGC will hopefully be specialized in AL production as PP2s take up a lot of AL/day.

The remaining funds will go to HABs for a PAR next.


Taxes this week was 89k-which I immediately spent on DW, OFF, SUN and SOI for the PAR. SOI might be a bridge too far, but we’ll see, I’ve given pretty generous delivery times for the SOI.


Taxes are 83k this week. The first 100 units of SOI were purchased and delivered, now for the hard part-getting HABs built. The price for each Hab with SOI supplied was quoted at 40-43k, and 5 HABs are needed, so it is going to take some time to get these habs up and running.