Early Access Support Tiers and Included "Game Time"

I noticed that some of the Early access support tiers include a few months of game time. If you already have a few months of PRO paid for with a few months remaining, would that add to your currently purchased PRO license time, or would it essentially overlap and expire after the amount of time the specified in the EA Support Tier table?

I would assume it would be cumulative and just add to your current license time - just want to make sure that situation is accounted for.

Also is there any general sense of when the EA period will end and these support tiers become unavailable? (Ex. possibly later this year, definitely not until next year, even later, etc.)

The PRO time from the support packages is being added to the existing PRO time from other purchases at the moment of the purchase. So you don’t loose any PRO time by buying a support package.

Currently it doesn’t look like we are going to stop offering the support packages nor that we will leave Early Access anytime soon. Not this year and most likely not next year either.

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