Do you carry your accumulated money when COLIQ?

I did play a bit few years ago, my last day was around 2021.11.30 where I accumulate 601k of equitity, and 100k of liquid money.

I started again a couple of days ago and appears to me to be a standard start. Initial base, around 40k of cash. As far as I remember, when you COLIQ you take some of this to your new company. I was wrong? Something change? There is a deadline for create the new company?

I am ok with that. But if is a bug, I would be happy to have a extra cash, as starting is veryyyy slow peace… :slight_smile:

COLIQ is a full reset to day 0, nothing carries over :+1:

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oh, that was always the cases… for my brain equid and coliq was the same. Good I never tough into “would be easy to start from zero with all this cash”. Thanks

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