Do all game items have a purpose?

I am new to this game and was browsing the market and I saw that entire categories like drones and medical supplies seem to have no supply or demand. Are these items useless or do they have some benefits when bought? Or are they just to be bought and sold for a profit?
Also, as a side question, I have my starter ships that are not currently being used, because my base is at a planet with an exchange. Is there an easy way I can use these ships to easily generate some income, like renting them out .etc?

There are a lot of products which are only used in the population infrastructure upkeep. Since this universe is rather new, there is not a lot of population infrastructure yet. See POPI VH-331a for example.

Yes, you could do shipping contracts on the Local Markets. Example LM LM VH-331a. Although shipping prices seem to be falling at the moment I expect them to go up again once the larger players reach their capacity limits. Sometimes it is helpful to just ask around if someone needs to get sth shipped.

I can only think of one truly useless item: MegaTube Coating

Try to use a PSH or RSH

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