Disgruntled after paying for PRO

The devs should really put a warning that Early Access reset is coming soon.

I am brand new to this game and last night as I was starting to get into it, I liked what I saw and wanted to access the pro features so I paid only for the asteroid level.

This morning I started to read more about the game and realized that Early Access is coming in a few days and will reset everything. I definitely would not have paid if I had known that.

There should be warnings or paying for First Access should have been disabled so close to the Early Access launch date!

I would hope that, if you have a PRO license, you’ll be put on the BASIC license or get 1 month of PRO in the post-reset universe.

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I agree, we could have made it more clear. To make up for it we will send game time keys to players who bought FA shortly before Early Access.


What does shortly mean?