Development Log Week 99 - Closed Alpha Tests have commenced

What a week! For the first time in almost two years of development, other people than ourselves started playing Prosperous Universe! We were prepared so see everything blow up in a spectacular ball of fire, but to our surprise, we saw relatively few technical issues. That said, this is our very first round of testing and many conceptional and UX issues immediately came to light that we will have to take care off over the coming weeks and months. But that’s what closed alpha tests are for and now that the game slowly starts to come alive, we are more motivated than ever!

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

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Congratulations on the Alpha milestone! If/when you are looking for more testers, I’ll be happy to help out. Been following for quite a while (been subbed to the youtube channel for…3 years now??? and eagerly waiting to see what kind of journey this takes us on. PM me if you want/need any info!

Cheers and good luck!

Sign me up boys! I’ve been on the email list for a few months waiting for an invite :blush:

@Castinar, @loge999: Thanks! I added you both to our tester list. I’ll get in contact when we open up the test for forum users in general. Shouldn’t take too long, hopefully :slight_smile:

Me too, please! :slight_smile: Looking forward…

Trading and transporting in space sounds insane and would love to test your game out. Found you guys out through massivelyop article.

Congraz for the big milestone and please give me a shout if you need more alpha testers.

@Saladplus, @chris25pl, @CoolBlue: I added to to our list and you will be invited as soon as the forum-wide alpha test will commence!

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Hi guys.

I, too, would like to participate in tests. The game idea sounds very promising.
I also know martin’s work from AS - as probabaly do a lot of you - and I am curious to see what else he is cooking up.

@yukawa I added you to our list!

I would like to be added to the testing list.

@jsquared71 I added you to the list!

i want try this game really bad please add me for test game, thank you

@vic007rau I added you to the list!

I was informed that I would part of the Alpha tests, but I am not sure were to go after I was “added to the list”

@realcake: we are running a closed, one week long test at the moment. The next test will be open for forum members, especially the ones that asked to be part of the test

when start test for forum member ? i hope very soon…

I just recently found your game via the Verge Article, would appreciate getting into the next test!

Heads up, :smiley: